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A TRAVELER’S TALE- A visit to Idanre hills

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On our interview today, we spoke with a passionate traveler, Bolaji Seun. Bolaji Seun is a Nigerian tourist, travel writer and travel blogger who is passionate about explorative tourism. He has visited 33 states in Nigeria, and also attractions outside Nigeria, wow….that’s a whole lot. He won Ogun state Heritage Award in the tourism sector in the year 2018 through his explorations around Nigeria. Bolaji’s aim is to promote tourist destinations in Nigeria through writing, to also showcase Nigeria as a tourist destination to the world, to correct the notion that says Nigeria is not a safe tourist destination and to inspire others to travel through his travel stories. He says “if you can’t travel, you won’t have a story to tell”.


Hello….Can we meet you please?

Good day, My name is Bolaji Seun, I’m a Tourist, Travel writer and travel blogger.

Tell us about one of your memorable destination

I have visited so many memorable destinations in Nigeria, but Idanre Hills is one of the great destinations in Nigeria which I will want everyone to visit.

Where is Idanre Hills located?

It is located at a town called Idanre in Ondo state, Nigeria. It is also known as OKE IDANRE.

How do you know about this place?

I got to know about Idanre a long time ago through a friend, and ever since then, it has been on my bucket list.

Why do you think everyone should visit, is there anything fascinating there?

It is a great place for tourists to visit as it is one of the leading natural tourist destination in Nigeria. Idanre hills have 667 steps  with 5 resting points in which you have to climb in order to reach the peak and have a beautiful view of the city…..

Cuts in ….that can be very exhausting?

Yeah, but its fun, its part of the adventure. Idanre hills remains one of the wonders of nature and a wonderful tourist destination for everyone around the world. It is estimated to be over 800years, the hills are located in the ancient town of Idanre, Ondo State Nigeria.

Bolaji, what if i succeeded  in ascending the 667 steps and i dont have the strength to descend, is there any other route?

Am sorry to break it to you …..NO, you have to descend yourself.

Is it accessible for everyone?

Yes it’s accessible and it’s open for everyone to visit and see the magnificent hills of idanre.

What are the activities/attractions there?

  1. Ascending and descending the 667 steps
  2. Learning about the history and culture of the residents
  3. The beautiful view of a rock called the wonderful rock
  4. The old primary school building which was built by the missionaries in the 19th century
  5. Different hills with historical narrative
  6. The Ancient palace

What are the Challenges you faced?

Hmm.….one of the challenges I faced is transportation system, the roads that leads to the tourist center is not good, besides it was far from where I was coming from. But this doesn’t mean the tourist destination is bad, not at all. The roads that leads you to the place are not in good order, but it’s all part of fun..

What would you do better if you have the opportunity to visit the destination again ?

I will try to access some places i couldn’t access when I went there the first time and also take good pictures.

Hmm….good pictures you say?

Yeah….good pictures.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Mr Bolaji Seun.

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